Do you suffer from: Sharp Pain, Burning, Tingling, Numbness, Restlessness, Balance Issues, or Foot Drop?


Unfortunately, most patients continue to suffer from neuropathy, symptoms get worse, and are eventually told nothing can be done to improve their situation.
Most Neuropathy patients have been told there is no cure and pain must be managed with narcotics. Pills are synthetic chemicals. Our solution is not another drug. Medications only block Neuropathy patients’ symptoms, not heal or treat the underlying problem.

Patients often ask us, “How is the Neuropathy Center of Boulder County different?”

The Neuropathy Center of Boulder County offers patients a minimally invasive FDA approved treatement, relief from neuropathy pain without narcotics, and affordable care.

Get Your Quality of Life Back

At theNeuropathy Center of Boulder County, our mission is to improve the lives of the Neuropathy patients we serve by treating the whole person. If you are ready:

· significantly reduce or eliminate neuropathy pain and numbness without drugs or narcotics,

· enjoy better mobility,

· and a better quality of life,

…then I invite you to call us today to schedule your free clinical evaluation and consultation so you can learn the keys to our successful treatment and to determine if you are a candidate for our neuropathy treatment.

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